Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

Department of monitoring and quality control of education

The work of the center is aimed at improving the educational and methodological activities of the educational institution, ensuring the quality of education by increasing the professional competence of the faculty and introducing innovative teaching methods.

Was established in June 2016. The functions of the department include:

  • the formation of academic groups and flows;
  • registration in accordance with the established procedure of individual curricula of cadets;
  • calculation of academic rank of cadets;
  • accounting for the credits of cadets during the academic period of study and for the entire period of study;
  • filling of transcripts of cadets;
  • organization and monitoring of ongoing monitoring of academic performance, boundary control, intermediate and final certification of cadets in accordance with working curricula and academic calendar for the academic year, analysis and summing-up;
  • organization of academic mobility;
  • Creation of a fund of control tools (a database of test tasks) and technologies (testing systems, questionnaires) for monitoring and assessing the quality of knowledge;
  • monitoring compliance with technologies for conducting boundary control, examinations and examinations during the intermediate and final certification of cadets;
  • Organization of work and formation of the composition of state examination commissions, analysis of results and preparation of proposals on the results of their work;
  • collection of proposals for the development of educational services and improving the performance of cadets;
  • development of documentation for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education;
  • conducting a survey of teachers, cadets, graduates;

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