Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

Council of mentors

Organization of the Council of Mentors of the Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

named  after M. Bukenbaev 

According to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan  № 44 “On the Approval of the Regulations on Police Formations of the Internal Affairs Bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated 28.01.2014, the activities of the Council of Mentors are functioning at the Institute.

By the order of the head of the institute for № 58 from 10.03.2017 the composition of the Council of mentors and sponsored ones was approved.

The Council of Mentors is a permanent body of collective activity coordinating the activities of mentors, designed to strengthen the professional core, continuity in the internal affairs bodies.

The main functions of the Council of Mentors are:

  1. hearing of mentors and their reports on various issues of official activity and household relations;
  2. participation in the selection of mentors and coordination of their activities, the provision of a reserve of mentors;
  3. study and disseminate the positive experience of mentoring;
  4. providing mentors with methodological and practical assistance in organizing their work;
  5. submitting proposals to the management of the internal affairs body for improving the organization of mentoring and encouraging the best mentors;
  6. consideration of the requests of mentors and sponsored to improve their performance;
  7. consideration of conflict situations between mentors and supervisors, facts of abuse of office, violations of official discipline, unworthy behavior in the service, at home, in public places.
  8. A mentor is an BIA employee who has extensive practical experience, appointed to assist in the professional development of the sponsored one.

Sponsored – the person first admitted to the Internal Affairs Directorate, or a young specialist who graduated from a departmental education organization or transferred from one service to another, i.e. Which changed the specifics of the activity.

Mentoring is established over the following categories of persons:

  1. newly admitted to the service in the BIA;
  2. newly admitted to the BIA;
  3. young specialists who graduated from the departmental educational organizations;
  4. employees who are transferred to a higher or equivalent position in another service if their performance of duties requires the expansion and deepening of professional knowledge and new practical skills.

Mentoring is set for a period of up to one year, without taking into account the time spent on special initial training, illness, labor leave, maternity leave and internship.

In the Aktobe law institute quarterly meetings of the Council of Mentors are held, where the mentors explain the forms and methods of accomplishing service tasks, assist the employee assigned to him in correcting mistakes. They also study the employee’s business and personal qualities, his attitude to the service; Evaluate the results of the official activity of the employee assigned to him, immediately inform him of the gross violation of discipline and legality, other negative manifestations of the chief of the internal affairs body.

Sarkulov D.M

Secretary of the Council

of Mentors  St. Lieutenant of police